EURO Summer Institute 2010
Klagenfurt, Austria, August 20 - September 4, 2010
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Department of Mathematics

Franz Rendl 
  • Matrix Relaxations in Combinatorial Optimization download

Florian Jarre
  • Interior point methods for semidefinite programs  download
  • Elementary optimality conditions for nonlinear semidefinite programs  download
  • Accelerated projection methods for semidefinite programs  download
  • Problems download
Etienne de Klerk
  • Exploiting Algebraic Symmetry in Semidefinite Programs download
  • Sums of Squares and Semidefinite Programs: A Tutorial download

Christoph Helmberg
  • The Spectral Bundle Method for Eigenvalue Optimization and Semidefinite Relaxations download
  • Cross Connections download
  • Graph Realizations Corresponding to Optimized Extremal Eigenvalues of the Laplacian download
  • Exercises download
Nathan Krislock
  • Euclidean Distance Matrices & SDP download
Veronica Piccialli
  • The max cut problem download
  • SpeeDP: a fast method for solving the SDP relaxation of Max Cut download